Care Center Cremation & Burial
Funeral Director 24/7/365 - (619) 316-4889 or (760) 489-9911
Administration - (619) 677-2599 or (619) 980-6558

Our Logo - The Egyptian God Anubis
Here at Care Center Cremation & Burial we started as an Embalming Center then evolved into a full Funeral Home. Two of our founders are licensed embalmers with over 30 years of embalming experience. Our love of history and the Art of Embalming are deeply rooted into our core values. Our Mission values are based on Anubis. He was the guide and protector of the dead. We are here to guide and protect every loved one in our care while guiding and protecting their families in there time of need.  
And to be honest we hecking Love dogs here. These are our staffs fur babies. 
The Dude